About us

The webshop for Foodies

Foodtesters is a webshop for Foodies. For people who are curious about the latest products. We select tasty products that we think you will enjoy. You can't just find our products in the supermarket, they are very unique in the Netherlands. We work together with brands from abroad that are not yet available in the Netherlands and with Dutch brands that are still completely new. So you will be the first to try it!

Talk along

We are very curious what you think of these products. Whether positive or negative, your opinion counts! We share the feedback with the brands, so they can learn from it and potentially improve it. In this way you contribute to better, tastier and more sustainable food innovations.

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We would love it if you become a Foodtester! We will keep you informed about the latest food innovations and we will ask you questions about the new products. We also regularly conduct research for new brands where we would like to hear your opinion. Sign up here and like us on Facebook or Insta👍.