Jara is het merk van Andres Jara, een Colombiaanse chef-kok en boer bij Stadsgroenteboer, gevestigd in Amsterdam. Andres begon met het conserveren van overtollige producten van lokale boerderijen. Dat heeft geresulteerd in heerlijke salsa-sauzen die wij in de webshop verkopen. Ze zijn perfect voor Mexicaanse gerechten of gewoon om te dippen met nacho's.

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Absolut Vodka is diepgeworteld in de Zweedse traditie van vodka maken. Hun toewijding aan kwaliteit en authenticiteit heeft hen wereldwijd geliefd gemaakt bij vodka-liefhebbers. Bovendien zijn ze toonaangevend op het gebied van duurzaamheid met een CO2-neutrale distillatie. Wij verkopen hun nieuwe Espresso Martini, een lekkere & gemakkelijke cocktail klassieker.

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No Sugar Daddies

No Sugar Daddies, twee jonge vaders, wilden een gezond alternatief voor suikerrijk broodbeleg voor hun kinderen. Naast hun chocopasta, hebben ze nu ook choco chunks. Zonder toegevoegde suikers en boordevol gezonde ingrediënten zoals dadels. Probeer snel en deel je ervaring!

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All Good Cereals

All Good Cereals decided it was high time for a new generation of loops. The breakfast cereal that reminds you of your childhood, but healthier and better for the world. So: organic, vegan, and sweetened with dates. In three flavors Original, Berry and Chocolate. The perfect start to your day!

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Vegablum is an alternative to conventional honey. This vegan honey is not made by bees, but by the people of Vegablum, with fair cane sugar and pure flower extracts. That makes this a real honey substitute that tastes just as good as honey! Spread it on your sandwich, with pancakes or use it as an ingredient in pastries.

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Chhabra is a brand from the UK with very exciting & fun flavors for the preparation of drinks and more. They have developed a line of products including Chai tea and Flavor Drops that you can find on our webshop. All ingredients are plantbased,100% natural and create an intense mouth-watering tease.
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This healthy and refreshing Brussels kombucha originated after a long development process involving different types of teas, sugars, fermentation periods, and temperatures. MANI Kombucha is an infusion of green tea, black tea, and verbena, mixed with blonde cane sugar that ferments for several days. Then, a second fermentation is performed with fruit juices and/or herbs, resulting in a delicious, lightly sparkling drink that is excellent for your health!
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For Eugénie it all started in 2005 when she flew alone to Ecuador for a few months. When this inveterate connoisseur discovered the chocolate-making process, her future took on a new meaning!

Eugène Chocolatier is a brand of spreads from Belgium. Production is done with organic ingredients, as locally as possible and in a traditional way. Also check out their

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For a long time, this start-up from Berlin wondered how to create an incredible taste experience that was also non-alcoholic. And then one day, it all became clear: distillation, of course! High alcohol percentage? No. Natural distillates from selected botanicals that can be used for cocktails and long drinks - and completely non-alcoholic. Now that could work... And so they got started and ordered a small distillery on the same day. Check their website:

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For HLTHPUNK it’s more than just a sauce in a tube. Globally, people are more aware than ever that our actions have a tremendous impact on all of our health and well-being. HLTHPUNK set out to create flavor-forward modern pantry staples that contribute to a much bigger picture. They don’t strive to be in every kitchen but think they may be as the stuff is blooming delish ;) They aspire to create a culture of awareness and empower you to make food choices that support and sustain your sweet, sweet body and the world we live in. HLTHPUNK found that the traditional condiment market was ripe for a punk revolution. The new health conscious consumer was looking for sustainable, delicious, plant based, innovations, with a focus on the wellness of our society. Check their website:



Goodness from the heart of Sicily, that's what Heraia is. The garden of Heraia you can find in Barrafranca where old olive trees, almond trees and citrus trees grow. Manually the olives are harvested and cold pressed for 24 hours which gives the intense taste of their extra virgin olive oil. Heraia protects the biodiversity of their soil and makes products of the very highest quality. Check their website:

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This Danish plant-powered candy brand started in 2021, so completely new. They found the current sweet selection kinda boring and same same but no different... and with all the **** going on in the world today they felt it was time to launch a brand that besides being tasteful also could bring out a smile... (because who doesn’t love a smile?) Check their website:

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Just Nosh

Shweta Pahuja, the founder of Just Nosh, comes from India and moved to Germany. There she fondly missed the taste of homemade Indian food. This is how she came up with the idea of making Lotus Pops, roasted lotus seeds from ponds and rivers in eastern India. The pops look a bit like popcorn, but have their own taste and contain 39% less fat and 29% fewer calories. A healthy snacking experience. Check their website:

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